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11 AM - 3 PM Lunch specials (Mon-Fri only) Excluding Saturday and Holiday.
Lunch specials served with white or brown rice, cucumber salad an egg roll no substitution.
(Chicken, Pork, Tofu or Veggie $11.95 // Beef $12.95 // Shrimp $13.95)

L1. Pad Thai image

L1. Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodle with, egg, chive, bean sprout, onion, fried tofu and crushed PEANUT with tamarind sauce. (NO RICE COME WITH PAD THAI)

L2. Pad Ka Prow (Spicy Basil) 🌶️ image

L2. Pad Ka Prow (Spicy Basil) 🌶️

Stir-fried with onion, mushroom, bell peppers, fresh basil and Thai chili house sauce.

L3. Pad Khing (Fresh Ginger) 🌶️ image

L3. Pad Khing (Fresh Ginger) 🌶️

Stir-fried with mushroom, onion, bell peppers, fresh Thai chili and fresh ginger in house special sauce.

L4. Thai Cashew Nut (Himmapan) image

L4. Thai Cashew Nut (Himmapan)

Stir-fried choice of meat with celery, onion, bell peppers in house special sauce.

L5. Pad Preaw Wan (Sweet and Sour) image

L5. Pad Preaw Wan (Sweet and Sour)

Stir-fried with cucumber, tomatoes and onion stir-fried in sweet and sour sauce.

L.6 Ka Tiem Prik Thai (Garlic & Black Pepper) image

L.6 Ka Tiem Prik Thai (Garlic & Black Pepper)

Stir-fried garlic choices of meat our house special sauce topped with crispy garlic and black pepper.

L7. Teriyaki image

L7. Teriyaki

Stir-fried sautéed with teriyaki sauce garnish with sesame.

L8. Pad Broccoli image

L8. Pad Broccoli

Stir-fried choices of meat with broccoli and carrots in brown sauce.

L9. Pad Spicy Eggplant 🌶️ image

L9. Pad Spicy Eggplant 🌶️

Stir-fried choices of meat with, bell peppers, basil, and fresh Thai chili in house special sauce.

L10. Pad pak (Mix Vegetable) image

L10. Pad pak (Mix Vegetable)

Stir-fried Mix choices of meat with assorted vegetables in light oyster-garlic sauce.

L11-A. Red Curry image

L11-A. Red Curry

Red curry paste with bamboo shoot, bell peppers, basil and coconut milk.

L11-B. Green Curry image

L11-B. Green Curry

Green curry paste with eggplants, bell peppers, basil and coconut milk

L11-C. Yellow Curry image

L11-C. Yellow Curry

Yellow curry paste with potatoes, onion and coconut milk.

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